Rise of the Runelords

Session 7 - Battle with Erylium

Following what they hope is the trail of Ameiko’s kidnapper, the party enters a large chamber with a raised dais and a pool that glows like liquid fire. Here they catch first sight of a woman with white hair and violet eyes. Tsuto Kaijitsu stands behind her with an unconcious Ameiko draped over his shoulder.

“Finish them, Erylium! Do not let them follow us!” the woman shouts to an ancient quasit sitting on the dais. Then she and Tsuto are gone, taking Ameiko with them. The quasit Erylium screams at the party, “How dare you intrude on the Mother’s sanctum!” and slashes her own tiny wrist letting the blood fall into the mysterious pool.

Three sinspawn emerge from the glowing waters and rush at the party. Erylium grins menacingly as she fades from sight. Potrag strides forward illuminating his shield with the light of Torag and swinging his warhammer to meet the monstrous charge. Valen moves off to the flank drawing taut his bow and loosing deadly arrows. As Potrag raises his shield to meet the grasping maws, Grizelda moves in low on the other flank and slashes viciously, dwarven axe followed by iron spiked shield. One creature is already falling when Tatyanna’s gleaming Ranseur snakes in over Potrag’s shoulder taking another creature in the chest. Flames erupt behind them, singing the hair on Potrag’s neck, Meligor has entered the fray, a fan of eldritch fire engulfing the third creature as it closes on Valen. As Kichirou entered the room and saw Tsuto and Ameiko, he cried out, desperately reaching out to Tsuto, end this madness! Now he calls on new found power and brings forth summoned creatures of his own, flanking the sinspawn and sealing their quick end.

Her forces falling quickly, Erylium unleashes her spells against Potrag, seeking to stop him where he stands, but Torag’s messenger could hear only the song of the anvil as his hammer fell on the aberrations in his path. A second spell from the quasit also fails as Potrag fueled by faith and fury resists the effect. Valen shoots true and strikes the tiny quasit as she flies above the dais, but the arrow fails to harm the extraplanar creature. Again fading out of sight, Erylium summons a giant spider near Valen, poison dripping fangs seeking hungrily.

As the last of the sinspawn fall, Erylium casts a hex at Grizelda, but other than a moment of weariness the dauntless dwarf shrugs off the spell. Visible once again, Erylium relies on her tiny size and swift flight to evade any attacks. Kichirou sends his summoned dog racing up the stairs to the dais and leaping high, jaws snapping. Thinking herself out of reach, Erylium’s eyes widen as a bolt of luminous force springs from Meligor’s hand slamming into the quasit. Moments later, Kichirou finishes an incantation that enlarges Grizelda, doubling her size and reach. Bounding forward, eyebrow trailing back on either side, the ample dwarf heaves herself up onto the now head height dais and lashes out with a suddenly massive war axe. Though resistant to the arrow, the quasit could not withstand the untenable impact of that wicked blade. Reeling from the assault, Erylium risked exposure and summoned her innate power of invisibility once again. Seizing the opportunity, Grizelda swung away and while not as injurious as the previous attack it was sufficient to ruin the quasit’s concentration.

Tatyanna is surrounded by winter’s chill, swirling crystals of icy power coalesce into a lance of frost and ruin that hurtles toward the quasit. Tiny wings a blur, the flying creature evades the spell and flits across the cathedral ceiling. Valen, blade and bow in hand, finishes off the giant spider with Meligor’s help and rushes to a better position, dropping his sword and reaching for an arrow. A second enlarging spell brings Potrag within reach of the hovering quasit. The safety of the high ceilings stolen away by clever magic, Erylium hexes Valen causing him to fall into a deep slumber and flies out the cathedral doors into the narrow hall and adjoining room. Surprised by her mercurial passage, Kichirou flails with his cudgel missing badly. Erylium summons a dire rat to assail Kichirou, who seems to know where the rat will attack and is suddenly not there.

The tide of battle turned, Erylium flees with Tatyanna and Kichirou’s dog in close pursuit.


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