Rise of the Runelords

Session 7 - Battle with Erylium

Following what they hope is the trail of Ameiko’s kidnapper, the party enters a large chamber with a raised dais and a pool that glows like liquid fire. Here they catch first sight of a woman with white hair and violet eyes. Tsuto Kaijitsu stands behind her with an unconcious Ameiko draped over his shoulder.

“Finish them, Erylium! Do not let them follow us!” the woman shouts to an ancient quasit sitting on the dais. Then she and Tsuto are gone, taking Ameiko with them. The quasit Erylium screams at the party, “How dare you intrude on the Mother’s sanctum!” and slashes her own tiny wrist letting the blood fall into the mysterious pool.

22 Rova 4707 AR

The weather has been a bit unruly lately, a sure sign of an early winter. Travelers and merchants have been trickling into Sandpoint all week, arriving ahead of tomorrow’s festival. It’s been five years since the fire, the new cathedral is finally finished and with Desna’s blessing maybe we can leave this late unpleasantness behind us.

Father Zantus told me that a cleric of Torag arrived in town this week, the good father seemed amused by the idea of a human acolyte in the dwarf god’s service. The fellow had traveled down the Lost Coast Road from the North, all the way from Windsong Abbey. Not a great distance I suppose, but not many travel the north road, he’s lucky goblins didn’t get him.

Welcome to the Adventure Log!
A recounting of great deeds

A group of untested adventurers find themselves in the town of Sandpoint, a sleepy fishing community on the Lost Coast of Varisia. It is the middle of Rova and signs of autumn are already apparent. A local festival is being held and a new church is to be consecrated.


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