Dotted with the monolithic relics of an empire long since crumbled, Varisia is a rough but majestic land, its misty forests and rolling plains bordered by sharp peaks and bountiful seas. Its people, recently released from colonialism, are hardy frontier folk and newmoney nobles, all eager to carve names for themselves from Varisia’s stern landscape. Yet beyond their village borders, beasts and giants unused to civilization’s encroachment stalk the hills and woods, making short work of both the unwary and the bold.

Five Things Everyone Knows About Varisia
The People

What follows is a gazetteer of the region known as Varisia. While much of this rugged land remains unexplored, what little is known tempts the daring and holds the potential for untold adventure. For fortune hunters, Varisia is a land of limitless opportunity, its ancient monuments reminding them just how far the truly driven can rise.

Abken Guiltspur Mindspin Mountains Stony Mountains
Ashwood Harse The Mobhad Leigh The Storval Deep
Baslwief Hollow Mountain Mundatei Storval Plateau
Biston Hook Mountain The Mushfens The Storval Stairs
Bloodsworn Vale Ilsurian The Nolands The Sunken Queen
Brinewall The Iron Peaks Nybor Turtleback Ferry
Calphiak Mountains Janderhoff Palin’s Cove Urglin
Celwynvian Kaer Maga Ravenmoor Varisian Gulf
Chorak’s Tomb Kodar Mountains Red Mountains Velashu Uplands
Churlwood Korvosa Riddleport Veldraine
Cinderlands The Lady’s Light Rift of Niltak Viperwall
Crystalrock Lake Skotha Rimeskull Wartle
Crystilan Lake Stormunder Roderic’s Cove Whistledown
Curchain Hills Lake Syrantula Sandpoint Windsong Abbey
Ember Lake Lurkwood Sanos Forest Wolf’s Ear
Fenwall Mountains Magnimar Shimmerglens Wormwood Hall
Fogscar Mountains Malgorian Mountains Sirathu Wyvern Mountains
Galduria Melfesh Skull’s Crossing
The Gnashers Mierani Forest Spindlehorn
Gruankus Minderhal’s Anvil Spire of Lemriss


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